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I've ordered Rouge for the Xbox

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My 360 keeps crashing.  Anyone else?

Signed up! ?24.99 on Amazon with free delivery and 2% cashback for using their credit card. 264 on their sales rank which seems pretty high, especially for a preorder.

Only downer is that I'm on a stag weekend in Dusseldorf when it's released - 1st finished is shortest time not first to start!

Does anyone know why Amazon pages are always go 'Page has expired' when you hit the back button? gets on my breasts...

"My 360 keeps crashing. Anyone else?"

Make sure the power supply is well ventilated.

I have just finished playing 'The Bard's Tale' after about a week of playing. ( Thirty Hours and abit.)

It was great game by the way.

I have been looking forward to playing 'Rogue Trooper' and I am hoping it is everything the comic is.

I do recall 'Devon's Daddy' saying that in his review that 'Bagman' hasn't done much in the game demonstration.

I think it would be able to deploy hand-grenades and other small explosives as well as administration of first aid. I also beleive Bagman may also be also doing the satellite radar scope/minimap. Unless that is what Helm would be doing. Which sounds more appropiate to me.

Radarscope/MiniMap. It is something I have  seen in alot of games. Though without any explaination for doing so. For instance pick any of the games in the Grand Theft Auto series. Your character Toney or whatever the name he has, is just broken out of jail or escaped from a Prisoner's Van/Bus and already has this radarscope map showing where he is on the map ( White Dots.) and also where the main objective is ( Pink Dots.) and where that enemies are. ( Red dots.) Like where would this type of person get such advanced techology. You could say that thios map demonstrates the characters knowledge of the area and how that character remembers it. Though They also show Character objectives and enemies movieng around in the distance and behind the walls of other buildings way out of eyeshot of this character. Very unconvincing. Though it is still a great game by the way.

( Incidently there is a device that you can buy that does show you where you are on a satellite street and road directory map, though I have never felt the need to fork out the $200 to buy one myself.)

The same thing can be said for The Bard in the 'The Bard's Tale' He has one of these advanced map/radar devices also. Though in truth I think it is just showing what he can see, it seems very much like radar map.

Anyway, this happens in alot games without much explanation.

Though in Rogue Trooper. It can be said that either BGaman or Helm  is feefding rogue Satellite data through a neural link up or sopmething like that.

I Like it when what you see on the game screen fits in with the game character, and game world.

Still don't know if this will work on the 360...


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