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I've ordered Rouge for the Xbox

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I, Cosh:
Does anyone know why Amazon pages are always go 'Page has expired' when you hit the back button? gets on my breasts...

Not really, but if I was to have a wild guess, I'd say they were to trying to stop people bookmarking a page then trying to buy the item at the old price six months later.

"Still don't know if this will work on the 360..."

I doubt it. Maybe in a while, Black suddenly got an update. The Xbox was dug out for that and is still out for Rogue.

For a momnet their I thought the author of this thread here, was interested in applying some red makeup to his X-box console.

Something Fishy:

(...Nintendo fanboy pokes fun and then runs away to check for more Red Steel pics...)

Yep Red Steel certainly sets a visual bar for the current generation.  Even a bit better than xbox 1 :-)


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