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I, Cosh:
Currently basking in the High Definition glow of my shiny new telly and its ability to make everything look great except tv programmes.

On the 360, I'm still obsessively trying to finish DeathSmiles without continuing. This is looking like a long term project.

I only discovered a month ago that Wipeout Pulse was released for the PS2. Blasted through the early levels and it's starting to get as reassuringly frustrating and difficult as I'd hoped.

For light relief I'm also replaying the old Amiga game Alien Breed. Can get about halfway through so far. Cracking game.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Are you playing Alien Breed on an Amiga or through some... other means? I would be... curious... to know how to play it.

I'm currently playing through LA Noire on the PS3 - though I'm so busy I've only found the time to have three goes on it since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Very slick, and I'm enjoying it, but it's a little frustrating and feels a bit restrictive and linear compared to other open world games.

Also playing Infinity Blade on the iPhone. It's basically a mixture of an extended QTE, grinding and cutscenes, though it's not as terrible as that sounds. Quite good, and the graphics are amazing, but the play area is tiny - the entire gameworld is about the size of an average level in another game. Very repetitive - I'll probably get bored long before I finish it. But perhaps it's not fair to judge it against other games - for £1.79 it's an absolute bargain!


--- Quote from: Keef Monkey on 11 June, 2011, 09:35:35 AM ---I just finished Amnesia: Dark Descent last night on the PC, was really good. I'd watched a couple of reaction videos online beforehand, which sold it to me as the most terrifying experience imaginable. It's creepy, and absolutely dripping with atmosphere, but is more about a constant state of unease than all out terror, and didn't brown my trousers the way something like Condemned did. There aren't a lot of games with that atmosphere though, and the gameplay/story are really absorbing (ends a bit flat though). Recommend it, I grabbed it for £12 off Steam and definitely got my money's worth.

--- End quote ---

I loved Amnesia, for me it was the best game released last year. I sat in my little computer room with the lights out and my surround headphones on and I could barely play for more than ten minutes at a time without having to change my undies.
I agree about the endings though, I did three of the possible four and only one of them felt satisfying.

I'm currently playing my Wipeout HD freebie on the PS3 and loving it and on the PC I have just started Red Faction: Guerilla after having it sitting unloved on my Steam account for months after picking it up in a sale.

I'm just killing time until Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes out which will tide me over until Battlefield 3 lands.

going hard on Battlefield Bad company 2 again in preperation for BF3.  Started my Avatar multiplayer on Shogun 2 : Total War the other week and thats quite adictive, they've added character progression for your comander and you have to earn new troops by capturing regions which gives it a real one more go feel.  New troops just got to try em out. 
Unfortunatly i'm completely addicted to these two games to the detrement of anything else, last new game i bought was Crsis 2 and played that for a while but didn't finish it.

CU Radbacker


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