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I'm gambling that there's a fair few board game players on this board, so thought I'd start a thread for general discussion, tips, news and especially recommendations etc of all thing board game - primarily 'serious' board and card games, but also happy to chat RPGs (though not a RPG guy myself) or the more common varieties (your Parker Brothers/Waddingtons/Hasbro etc).

I've recently dipped my toe in the board game waters when I, on a whim, requested a copy of Carcassonne for my birthday. It remained in its box for 6 months, and everyone I showed/told about it were very skeptical, but eventually I managed to convince a few friends and relatives to try a game with me, and it turns out it's fantastic fun - seriously, if you've never played it I can highly recommend it - it's extremely simple and quick to learn, gently competitive but not too much so, and really fast-paced too - an average game lasts about half an hour.

Its got to the point now where I've started a mini craze for the game in my social circle (had my family visiting recently and it was lovely that every night we'd all gather round the table for a few games, prying them away from their phones and tablets for a couple of hours!), and I've also bought the first two (of many) expansion sets - 'Inns and Cathedrals' and 'Traders and Builders'. I've also bought the iPad version, which is great for practice, but is a somewhat tweaked version of the board game.

I have a friend who's into the more hardcore side of things, and have played the Walking Dead board game with him, which was really good fun, but I tend to find it can be really hard to get a game of the more complicated games going as the average person is put off by the complexity (though funnily enough most people will play a game of the - imo - tedious and long-winded Monopoly - go figure).

I've heard good things about The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Fluxx - and I'm sorely tempted to buy the Fantasy Flight Game of Thrones board game too (despite fearing that I'll never be able to convince anyone to play it with me!). The new Star Wars X-Wing/TIE Fighter game looks intriguing, but perhaps a little too nerdy/expensive to bother with.

Settlers is a lot of fun. Sounds dead complicated at the start but is actually dead simple. Can be very quick to play if people dont get bogged down in what they want to do rather than looking at what they can actually do (i.e. long periods of staring at cards and trying to trade things).

Yeah, I did find that in Carcassonne my sister would stare at her tile for bloody aaaaaaages, which really slowed the whole pace of the game down.

Dandontdare: dad does that playing scrabble - stares at his tiles for hours them puts down a 2 letter word.

Caracassonne* does look good. Sadly, I don't really know anyone who'd be up for boardgames beyond the occasional round of scrabble or backgammon. I put in a bid for the Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd boardgames on ebay a while ago purely from nostalgia (I LOVED these two!!!) but was quite relieved not to win as I'd never get a chance to play 'em.

* And if you ever get a chance, visit the real place - I have fond memories of a school holiday when I was 14 - the walled city is almost intact and my friends and I spent hours racing around the walls playing real life D&D (while the cool kids were chatting up French girls and buying flick knives)

I'm a huge board game fan. I started way back when with HeroQuest and Space Crusade (my first foray into games was Crossbows & Catapults, but I suppose it's debateable whether or not that's a board game), and then Advanced HeroQuest and Space Crusade, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl and other Games Workshop Games.

Space Hulk was my favorite then, and the newer edition is one of my favorites now. It has incredible atmosphere for a boardgame. It's intense, suspenseful, with plenty of of action. Just an outstanding game.

I meet with a boardgaming group every two weeks, and some of our favorites are Descent, Last Night on Earth and Mansions of Madness. Zombies!! gets a lot of play, too, because it's incredibly cusomizable, and you can tailor the simple rule system to pretty much any style of game you want to play.

My girlsfriend and I play Catan, 7 Wonders and Small World, all three great fun.

Good thread, glad you posted it.


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