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Colin YNWA:
Yeah I'm more of the era of the old Games Workshop stuff, so Talisman, Kings and Things etc. Played a lot of Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper and some friends and I had a Blood Bowl league (damn my affection for Skraven could never get the tactics right for them!). Played and loved all those sorts of things.

Then the same time I drifted from comics same thing happened to boardgames, except I never got back into them as basically I don't know anybody who'd not look at me with utter contempt if I suggested playing one other than Risk (I have friends who love Risk), Scrabble or Backgammon and or Chess which my wife and I go through phases of playing.

I'd love to go back to those days when four friend playing a board game for three hours before cracking on with our latest Marvel RPG scenario were a possibility!


--- Quote from: Colin_YNWA on 21 February, 2014, 04:18:05 PM ---if I suggested playing one other than Risk
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Oh, yep. Forgot about Risk. We play a lot of that.

I tried Axis and Allies and didn't care for it, much. It seemed overly complicated for what it was trying to do, especially as Risk does the same thing but better.


--- Quote dad does that playing scrabble - stares at his tiles for hours them puts down a 2 letter word.
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--- Quote ---Caracassonne* does look good. Sadly, I don't really know anyone who'd be up for boardgames beyond the occasional round of scrabble or backgammon.
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That's a shame - my advice would be to just buy it anyway - it's only £20 and even if you play it a handful of times it'll be money well spent. I found at first that reactions of others were very dismissive/negative - people would wrinkle their noses etc, and admittedly, from the box it does look a bit shit, and seeing a game in progress can make it look very complicated, but it really isn't. I tend to introduce people to it by playing without 'farmers' or 'The River', which makes it even simpler and quicker, enough for even a young child to understand. It's also great thing to take down the pub - my local actually have a stash of games inc Carcassonne, Catan and Fluxx, and when we had a recent Carcassonne marathon we had lots of people coming over to ask about it. The same pub used to run a regular game night, but it got canned because of poor turnout.

--- Quote ---I'm a huge board game fan. I started way back when with HeroQuest and Space Crusade (my first foray into games was Crossbows & Catapults, but I suppose it's debateable whether or not that's a board game), and then Advanced HeroQuest and Space Crusade, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl and other Games Workshop Games.

Space Hulk was my favorite then, and the newer edition is one of my favorites now. It has incredible atmosphere for a boardgame. It's intense, suspenseful, with plenty of of action. Just an outstanding game.

I meet with a boardgaming group every two weeks, and some of our favorites are Descent, Last Night on Earth and Mansions of Madness. Zombies!! gets a lot of play, too, because it's incredibly cusomizable, and you can tailor the simple rule system to pretty much any style of game you want to play.

My girlsfriend and I play Catan, 7 Wonders and Small World, all three great fun.

Good thread, glad you posted it.
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Interesting tips there, I'll definitely check them out.

I had Hero Quest too, and a friend had Space Crusade. I have fond memories of both, but I was always shite at it - we used to buy all the expansions for them, which made them even harder! My board game friend owns the new edition of Space Hulk, and is really keen to get a copy of the original HQ off eBay (where it goes for silly money). There was a Kickstarter for a new 25th Anniversary edition  of HQ a couple of months back but it got pulled because of licensing issues.

Dark Jimbo:
Yeeeaahh! I've been thinking recently about starting such a thread. In the last few years my brother and I have got back into boardgames in a big way, roping in various other friends/girlfriends/parents along the way - everyone usually starts off quite sceptical, but it usually only takes a game or two for them to get the bug. Whenever we go round someone's house now wer'e usually asked to bring a pile of our games with us.

Here's a photo of some of our more readily accessible games - we have about another ten elsewhere in the house -

I'll put in a vote for Space Hulk:Death Angel.  It's a very compact and easy game to pick up (you literally roll dice, although there is strategy).  Basically you are space marines fighting against invading aliens a la movie!Alien.  The rate of players surviving this game is like zilch, which sounds unfun but it's quite hilarious.  We turned it into a drinking game where you drink when your characters die :p

Another fun and super easy game to pick up is Lords of Waterdeep.  There is a story to it but in essence you collect colored pieces (corresponding to classes such as mage, rogue) to complete missions :) ill post more about it later!


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