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37 here.  Am I reading it correctly that you can nominated locations to be pokestops, or is that converting a stop in to a gym?  Though I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to do either.

Yeah you get 40 nominations of Places Of Interest (POI) at level 38 that The Community will review and possibly convert to a WAYSTOP. But whether that appears in PoGo or in other Niantic games depends on its location in relation to existing stops.

Niantic explanation:

I use with Cell Levels 17 & 14 visible. This is a grid that breaks the map down into cells. Each cell can only have on Pokémon POI, so if there is a phone box with a map right next to it there’s no point in nominating one if the other is already in-game. Does that make sense? I know there are whole blog posts breaking it down further but i cans find a decent one right now.

Since turning lv38 I have had 18 approved! Also if there is a lonely pokestop and you can put another one nearby (not too near) you are likely to convert the first into a gym. Again, there are ‘rules’ for this. But I won’t try and type that right now!

The process of nomination, review and then either accepting or rejection can really get to you! But I think I would have gotten bored of it again by now if I didn’t have this to work on as well.

Where is Goaty?

Something to look forward to when I level up (though I've got about a million points to go)


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