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Thought Bubble 2020

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Thought Bubble 2020

This year the gig will be 14th & 15th November, and staying in Harrogate!

First wave of guests announced, including Joe Hill.

Colin YNWA:
How was the new location last year? I missed going to a con last years and always loved Thought Bubble in Leeds. Trouble in now in a conference centre in Harrogate it just feels like any other event to me? Though those who were there last year may feel otherwise?

Steve Green:
It definitely felt different (unsurprisingly)

As far as I could work out there was just the one entrance/exit (at least that I saw) which made nipping in and out more effort than in Leeds.

Venue itself is of the big sports hall type (or three connected ones for the main con)

I didn't get the chance to go to any panels, so can't comment on those - Harrogate itself was a lot quieter than Leeds.

I still miss the Royal Armouries, but there wasn't the problem with bag checks and big gaps between venues that Leeds City Centre had.

My main complaint was that the PA was pretty hard to hear.

There was a PA?

Yeah, the PA was not brilliant.

I found the new venue ace. We were in the 'middle' hall, so had a colossal throughput of attendees heading to and from places.

Harrogate itself was grand, too.

I've already booked the hotel for the weekend to get a decent price.


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