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Strontium Dog: The Killing 2188

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The Bissler:
Final Phases

A mini-episode setting things up for The Killing campaign as it approaches its final stages!

The Bissler:
Bout 24: The Lab featuring the rank outsiders

The Crimson King has brought the tournament’s biggest underdogs to the lab for a reason…but what diabolical ordeal has he dreamed up for them? Tune in to find out!

The Bissler:
Bout 25: The Lab Featuring The Underdogs

The Crimson King has brought the tournament’s outsiders to the lab…but what diabolical plan has he in store for them?

Apologies all! I’ve been neglecting my duties on this thread!

The Bissler:
Bout 26: The Suburbs Featuring the Unknowns

Not all of the tournament’s unknowns are outsiders: and here some of the deadliest clash! Surely after this, their names will be known across the galaxy!

The Bissler:
Bout 27: The Savage Gardens featuring Fly’s Eyes Wagner

Once again the contestants find themselves embroiled in the Crimson King’s sick games. But there are other dangers than simply each other lurking in these gardens…


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