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Lawless 2022

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Richard S.:
To get you in the mood for 2022 here are my pictures from 2019...

Trooper McFad:
Weekend Tickets for me and the Mrs bought 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻- We did 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to this road trip 😁

Richard S.:
ticket acquired (Saturday) - I'll probably wear my Dan Dare t-shirt (as I'm a big fan) and it makes me easier to find/avoid

Barrington Boots:
Me: After nearly two years of no gigs, I have tickets for a weekend festival in May with loads of cool bands!
Also me: Lawless is on this year and I'm totally going!
My wife: Not to both on the same weekend you're not.


I attended Lawless a couple of years ago…*and booked ticket for the following year , which was cancelled for obvious reasons. Recently booked again, weekend tickets. Looking forward to it!

*I worked on a costume too.. then kind of chickened out of wearing it. In my defence the shoulder pads wouldn’t bend around properly. Thinking of reworking it for this year… but we’ll see.


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