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Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 08 December, 2022, 10:50:38 AM »
There's some very nice Blanche-esque art from the Hungarian edition of Crystal of Storms up for sale here:
Even if you're not into original art, go and check it out because they look great and far better than the art in the UK edition, lovely old school Warhammer / FF feel to them.

Anyway, I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks and that's because I still cannot beat Masks of Mayhem.

Anyone else playing this? It's insanely difficult, and that's all the more frustrating because once you get over the 'king wanders off on his own to do a quest without any stuff' premise the plot is actually quite good.
Looking forward to finishing it and playing something easier <checks which book is next the series> oh right.

Prog / Re: Prog 2310 - High Plains Shifter
« on: 08 December, 2022, 10:38:52 AM »
No Progs delivered today, posties striking again tomorrow so that's two weeks late minimum on 2310 and a week on 2311.
Fully behind all our striking workers. Would love a prog though.

News / Re: Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?
« on: 08 December, 2022, 09:28:38 AM »
Zavvi are rubbish - same time I cancelled my pre-ordered Klegg I cancelled another preorder for a Christmas gift for my wife that they still had on preorder despite it being readily available online in dozens of other places.
I'm really tempted by those dark judges but it'll be £100 for the four. Perhaps after Christmas....

General / Re: 2022 Advent comments
« on: 08 December, 2022, 09:14:08 AM »
Awesome stuff Colin. Hope you didn't miss the football though.

General / Re: Prog drought!
« on: 08 December, 2022, 09:12:52 AM »
It's 100% on Royal Mail. I had a chat with my postman yesterday about a missing parcel and mentioned the Prog - he told me that the current bosses of Royal Mail are not interested in letter delivery as there's no money in it, and they're having to prioritise parcels. Sounds like it's Royal Mails ultimate aim to move to a Hermes / Evri style model with the postmen being essentially self employed independent contractors getting paid 50p per parcel delivery of whatever they get.
Looks grim for our postal service. As to the missing progs, I'm sure they'll rock up eventually.

Prog / Re: Prog 2310 - High Plains Shifter
« on: 07 December, 2022, 11:18:08 AM »
Me eight! No post today at all, in fact!

General / Re: 2022 Advent comments
« on: 07 December, 2022, 09:13:10 AM »
Great work Colin!

News / Re: Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?
« on: 07 December, 2022, 08:58:35 AM »
Nice one. I've cancelled my Zavvi Klegg order and ordered directly from here, as my experience with Zavvi pre-orders has been mainly bad.
I'm interested in some of the other models but may have to resort to ebay!

News / Re: Northern Monk 2000AD Pale Ale
« on: 05 December, 2022, 02:22:41 PM »
This was sold out within 24 hours sadly. Might still be a few cans in the wild.

News / Re: The Great Dante Readthrough Podcast
« on: 05 December, 2022, 02:18:04 PM »
Great episode, very cool to hear Simon & Edie's thoughts on this extremely dramatic phase of the Dante story!

Sometimes it's just as interesting hearing critiques of the episodes as it is points of praise and interest. I think some of John Burns work on this story is stellar, but I'd never really noticed how much stronger he is on some characters than he is others. I rather like his Warlord design but I always thought the whole idea was that it looked somewhat reminiscent of something out of Flash Gordon etc. It looks rather at home within the context of John's work - but yes, it's not really very imposing.
It might sound odd but I think his clothing designs are amazing. The military uniforms, the greatcoats and the like - later on his pirates too..
I agree about the palace though. And the shark.

The Tsar is awesomely bastard-y in this episode. I'm in agreement with Edie about Viktor being not worthy of a hug: I remember my wife reading that Octobriana episode and being utterly appalled by it, and moreso when I said Viktor was one of the 'good' members of the family: he doesn't really come good until later. Andreas is someone I've never quite understood why he gets so much love either. His good points seem to be 'he is a bit like Dante' (ie. a bellend) and a lot of the scenes we've seen him in, he's just being a hedonist and a mass-murderer. Is staying behind the first decent thing he does, and is it to help defend the people, or is he just trying to impress Elena?

Great comics, great podcast, and finally thank you for the whisky info, and RIP Kevin O'Neill.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 04 December, 2022, 01:03:58 PM »
I've done some time in a job like yours and you 100% did the right thing with that caller Jade. It's not unusual to feel stressed after being forced into a confrontation with someone unpleasant and to want to withdraw from the world, too.
The person you spoke to likely wasn't angry at you, but was taking out their frustration on you - likely a build up of anger and frustration over dozens of other stresses on their life. They may even have regretted being awful to you.

I'm sorry you had a rotten evening after. If you're feeling strung out and upset again, you can come here and unload a bit.

General / Re: 2022 Advent comments
« on: 04 December, 2022, 12:57:24 PM »
Very enjoyable start to the advent season from some talented boardsters here. Thanks guys!

Prog / Re: Prog 2310 - High Plains Shifter
« on: 04 December, 2022, 12:56:07 PM »
I've had I think maybe two issues of the Prog go missing ever, in years and years of subscribing, and the sub droids are really good about sending a replacement. I wouldn't let that stop you subbing SBT.

The frequency is an issue, but that's out of Rebellion's control. I'm seriously considering cutting my sub over this - I don't find it exactly stressful, but not knowing when the Prog will drop is annoying. It used to be usually Saturday and occasionally Monday, now it's usually Tuesday but can be any time from Monday - Thursday. A Saturday Prog is like hens teeth nowdays. I'd rather walk out and buy it every Wednesday than get a very mild dose of disappointment most mornings. Also I'm not a completionist, so could skip Regened issues. Ymmv though and if this doesn't bother you the sub is still an awesome deal.

FWIW my copy of 2310 hasn't arrived yet but I don't really expect it till Tuesday / Wednesday when I may get 2310 and 2311 at once. Here's hoping!

News / Re: The Great Dante Readthrough Podcast
« on: 01 December, 2022, 10:13:45 AM »
That would make sense from Dante's point of view.

General / Re: 2022 Advent comments
« on: 01 December, 2022, 08:54:53 AM »
Great work, very regal looking!

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