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No contest again- Portrait by very many country miles.

I would have voted Outlaw over Journey- both are brilliant, Outlaw is brillianter.

It would have been Rage for me- most men with bags on their heads generally need a bullet, defenceless or not and Max Bubba is one of them. Also...
Judgement Day is a Dredd story anyway.

For posterity- sorry, but Smiley's World takes this one for me.

Sorry I missed it, I was sans internets for a bit.
For posterity-
The Doc Quincy Case edges it in this battle of fun, throwaway Stront-Romps.

I get what Funt says about the design of Blood Moon- I was disappointed with how he looked in comparison to other S/D villains.
The Mork Whisperer was another cracking Alpha tale, however I can't help but feel it's a little bit throwaway next to the sense of gravitas in Blood Moon.

So Blood Moon for me, despite how he looked.

Shaggy Dog was great and all, but Roadhouse takes it reasonably comfortably for me.

No Contest.
The Rammy... hans doon.

I'm with Magnetica on this- really difficult choice and I'm switherin. Both Boots and Leigh S make good arguments for each.

I'm going with The Moses Incident edging it though, I recall being genuinely concerned for Alpha at the time and wondering if he would ever be the same again. I also rate Mayger highly for all the 'memorable villains' and 'SF/ Western mash-up' reasons already mentioned- against another tale it might have prevailed. I don't have any distaste for magic & supernatural elements in SD- it's a big/ wide/ deep, multi-dimensional and bad Universe... shit happens, as well it should.

I thought this was a heads-up for another one of Colin's polls...

I recall feeling Slavers of Drule seemed a bit rushed at the time... however it still beats Galaxy Killers IMO.

Slavers of Drule it is, even just for the comedy story-name factor.

I quite liked Stone Killers- memorable enough stuff- a little more light-hearted (in a crescendo of drunken violence type way). But yeah, it's The Killing... so-
The Killing ftw.

Just chuck all the story names into a digital hat and do a totally random draw. Some short stories are better than some epics anyway.
Winners go into another digital hat etc etc...

General / Re: The Science of Judge Dredd
« on: 17 July, 2021, 02:48:00 PM »
...the real reason Dredd shouts out the bullet type is so the reader knows what Dredd has fired…)


Quote from: pauljholden
Why the shells? Well, the real reason is: they look cool.

Perfectly good reasons. It's a comic- fantasy entertainment and as such there is no requirement for 'realism'. 'Disseminating Important Information to the Reader' and 'the Rule of Cool' wins every time.

General / Re: Bolt-01 Cup - the best of Strontium Dog
« on: 14 July, 2021, 10:29:56 PM »
Strontium Dog?
I'm in.

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