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Author Topic: Flashman fans listen up  (Read 438 times)


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Flashman fans listen up
« on: 28 March, 2005, 03:21:18 AM »
BBC Radio 4 has the following (anyone on the Internet can listen again up to 7 days later via the BBC's 'liten again' option)...

Sunday 27 March

Flash for Freedom

By George MacDonald Fraser

1/2. It is 1848, and Flashman is considering a career in politics. But a calamitous game of pontoon with Disraeli plunges our hero into hair-raising involvement with a homicidal sea captain, the West African slave trade, and Congressman Abraham Lincoln.

With Joss Ackland, Rhys Meredith, Nigel Anthony, Christian Rodska, William Hope, Ndidi del Fatti, Emily Wachter, Jamie Newall, and Robert Hastie.

Director Patrick Rayner.

Second part next week. (Of couse if you download the free Blogmatrix Sparks software you can record this as an mp3 onto your hard drive to listen at your leisure...)

Link: Flash for Freedom

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