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Just rediscovered The Prodigy, after looking at the link on the Dodgy Videos thread. Once my absolute favourite live act, and had a trawl through YouTube and I'd forgotten how good they were. Haven't listened to their new stuff properly yet, but by Christ nobody makes dance tunes like No Good (Start the Dance) any more.  I have very fond, if hazy, memories of going mental on dancefloors and muddy fields to The Prodigy. I even liked that rohypnol song that was slagged off on the other thread.

Just discovered Alphaville, who completely passed me by earlier in life. Quite a few shit songs to wade through, but some of their stuff, such as Big in Japan and Sounds Like a Melody (if that's the correct title), is pure 80's synth-cheese perfection.  I also like their later stuff, having a guilty liking for trashy Euro-techno that I don't go round shouting about.

By the way, feel free to disagree with anyone's choices in this thread, but please do not make this a thread for muso-snobs to slag off other people for their musical taste (or lack thereof). There are far too many of them in the real world. We're bigger than that, folks.

I'm finding that Spotify is a great way to discover/rediscover music. It's a good cure for the musical droughts I'd suffer from when I wouldn't hear any new stuff for ages. At the moment I overdose on certain bands for days and then move on to another. So far it's been: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Eugenuis, Dandy Warhols, Julian Cope, Les Savy Fav, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Lips, Mercury Rev, Blind Melon, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (Tharg mentioned he is a fan of theirs coincidentally just when I got into them).

I, Cosh:

--- Quote from: "JayzusB.Christ" ---by Christ nobody makes dance tunes like No Good (Start the Dance) any more.
--- End quote ---
An absolute rip-snorter that. Don't know if I prefer it to Out of Space or not. At university, my flatmate purchased the single Fire and played it at full blast maybe twenty or thirty times a day for a fortnight: even now the intro makes me feel a little bit sick.

I got a Rough Trade "Indiepop" compilation in a charity shop recently. Fifty tracks of tweeness with a distorted edge from the 80s and 90s, split about fifty-fifty between jingly rubbish and jangly genius.

However, the main thing I've discovered recently is how bloody amazing and genuinely rock'n'roll Van Morrison was when he was a lad. The guitar sound and his voice on the chorus of this just blow me away: Well here it comes
Plus I love youtube videos which just have the single spinning round on the turntable.

Devons Daddy:
i found YOU TUBE plus ITUNES to be a killer combination  for rediscovering great music.

i have recently limited myself to a usd $100 a month, as i was getting carried away.
rediscovered my passion for Neil diamond who has returned to form and that the genuis suggested purchase list is reading my inner mind.

prodigy, i missed them in my travels, first time around, but downloaded a few essentails recently,so much outstanding music out there,
currently my music collectoin stands a poultry 43gig

next time i see steve jobs drive by i shall say I BOUGHT HIM THAT CAR!

I have just discovered The Gossip, I can't turn them off, I think I may in fact love Beth Ditto her voice is incredible

I have recently rediscovered Rage Against the Machine, which is the best thing in the world to dance around your kitchen to when people are peeing you off!


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