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New to the forum? Post a new thread and introduce yourself to the other board members!

To the current board members: I can't think of anything else to say here, I just want it to be a quick easy read and encourage new users to post. Anyone got any suggestions for additional things to say?

Perhaps this isn't really applicable in this thread, but it seems like the next best place to post.

I've been away from the forums here for a little while and Ion returning, I noticed a set of rules have been posted for forum use. Having read it, I just wanted to say how excellently written, clear, reasonable and helpful they are.

I recently decided to stop using a certain message board owned by a successful American comic book publisher. The problem was that, quite simply, no clear guidance for acceptable use was provided there. The standard of moderation over there also caused me some concerns. Basically, everybody seems to get the same harsh treatment regardless of the severity or nature of the offence. It was even getting to a point recently when unintentional gaffes on the part of numerous users were being punished pretty severely.

The statement of forum rules and expected ettiquette here is really comprehensive. It's informed me of a few problems and issues that I didn't even realise were concerns for website administration and moderators, so many thanks for that.

Hopefully, nobody intends to deliberately sour the atmosphere of the message boards with unsavoury comments. But such clearly written and specific guidelines help us to be on guard against doing anything to spoil the community here.

Just my two cents, as this stuff has been on my mind for a few weeks.


Thanks HdE, we're glad everyone seems to have taken the new rules in a positive way. It hasn't really affected our moderation, just you guys now have good guidelines about whats kosher and what isn't.

We don't envisage harsh moderation techniques to be required on a frequent basis, but you never know. Hopefully as this forum grows all we'll need to do is improve the system for reporting posts and add more moderators to the staff roster.

We always try to listen to the majority or at least sensible vote from the community at large, as after all this forum is for you guys to enjoy.

Much obliged for the reply Vince! I didn't expect any feedback at all.

I won't say too much about the subject (as I'd be derailing this thread pretty spectacularly) but I can only applaud the efforts you guys have gone to.

And yeah - harsh moderation technique is rarely required in msot cases. I think that causes more problems than it solves, and only helps to foster an atmosphere of hostility.

My brief experience of these forums has been that it's usually a really fun, friendly place to post a bit of good natured rubbish, and the posters are given enough room to express themselves adequately. 'Tis a cool place to visit.  ;D

thanks :D :D :D


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