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Keef Monkey:
Struck me there isn't a thread for this in Games, but there is in movies. Thought it'd be nice to be able to post about a game you just played without having to start a dedicated thread to it.

I just finished Amnesia: Dark Descent last night on the PC, was really good. I'd watched a couple of reaction videos online beforehand, which sold it to me as the most terrifying experience imaginable. It's creepy, and absolutely dripping with atmosphere, but is more about a constant state of unease than all out terror, and didn't brown my trousers the way something like Condemned did. There aren't a lot of games with that atmosphere though, and the gameplay/story are really absorbing (ends a bit flat though). Recommend it, I grabbed it for £12 off Steam and definitely got my money's worth.

I really ought to be getting back into my 360 - I had a bit of a funk and went off it oddly - but I can't seem to stop playing Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook - Damn that bloody game!!
 Holding out for Batman - Arkham City , Skyrim , COD:MW3 and Final Fantasy 13/2

Richmond Clements:
Played the Lego PotC demo last night. Addicted to Entanglement on the Chrome browser, and just downloaded Myst on the iphone.
I may be some time...

Call of duty black ops.. Was mkay, just more of the same and horribly anachronistic regarding the weapons.. Put Ghostbusters into the PS3 again..

Eternal Sonata. A pretty old 360 RPG. It's pretty simple and basic, but quite entertaining if you look past the sickly sweet cutesy anime style characters. Looks quite pretty.


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