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Doesn't quite fit the remit of the 'Last Movie Watched' thread, so here's a new one where you can bang on about the TV show that you're currently gripped by.

I just had to express my praise for Breaking Bad, which I've got bang up to date with over the last month or so, which has entailed many nights marathoning episodes into the wee small hours.

Finally watched the latest episode of series 5 last night, and what can I say but - Wow. It's almost cliche to say now, but what a piece of work this series is - just an incredible achievement. I'm consistently in awe of the writing, how the writers gradually build a house of cards, then just when you think it's all going to come crashing down, they somehow keep stacking it up to reach heights you never imagined. It feels as if it was all meticulously planned out years in advance (which I know it can't have been) and, unlike so many other great shows - it doesn't get bogged down by occasional poor story choices, or boring subplots, or inconsistent character scripting. Every episode is more absorbing than the last. While everyone will tell you "The Wire/Game of Thrones/Boardwalk Empire is great, but you have to watch twenty episodes of it before it gets good", Breaking Bad really get's it's hooks into you from the opening shot - in fact the pilot episode is like a self-contained movie.

So you have to forgive the occasionally far-fetched plot, and the regular deus ex-ish get-outs, but it's totally forgivable in a show as entertaining as this one. The episode involving a train is a damn sight more entertaining and exciting and beautifully realised than most similarly themed big budget movies. And what a cast...(!).

Can't recommend it highly enough!

I concur!

I'm hearing good things about Justified, anyone recommend?

I thoroughly enjoyed that series and he's the coolest cop ever!

It's been a while since I've really gotten into anything but I've had a hankering just lately to pick up the boxsets of The Equalizer.
I haven't seen it since I used to watch it on telly when I was about 10 but I really liked it and am curious to re-visit. Great theme tune too!


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