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The Black Dog Thread

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... There a few of us on the board who have or are suffering from that nasty little bugger called depression.
I want this thread to be somewhere we can come and talk to fellow like (not in their right) minded chaps and chapesses!
  No nastiness or name calling ,that's what the political threads for ,just come and if you are able vent,rant or just come for a virtual cuppa,choccy bicuit and hug.

I've chatted with someone who 'Human Givens' helped a lot, so I have got a couple of books on it, they are a bit evangelical for my liking but I'm a dorr east coast Scotsman so I think that of everyone ;)

Never heard of that before!  Just checked the website there; I'm always a bit put off by the word 'holistic' but I'm keeping an open mind.  Any chance you could give us a bit more info on it, Proudhuff?

I'm always up for free hugs.

Come and get me :D

There was a large black dog in my local pub last night. Cheered me up no end. Ironically, it seems black dogs are an excellent antidote to the Black Dog.




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