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The Legendary Shark:
 This forum isn't silly enough. In order to rectify this, I suggest we all find silly things to do, silly things based upon the famously silly Radio 4 panel game, I'm Sorry, I haven't a Crew, or whatever it's called.

In this instance, however, the games will be based on Tharg's mighty organ. Let's hope we can pull it off between us.

To start, I suggest a game of Judge Dredd Film Club, suggestions for films likely to appeal to an audience of Judge Dredd fans. With an entirely justified sense of inevitable futility, I'll start us off with a few insipid suggestions:

The Hunt for Dredd October
BrokeJack Mountain
The Clone Ranger
Dr. Joe
The Grud, the Bad and the Ugly
The Devlin's Advocate
The Day the Cursed Earth Stood Still
The Murd Man of Alcatraz
Mad Max Normal
Picnic at Hanging Drokk
Ben Hur, Hur, Hur
Look Who?'s Talking
The Devlin's Advocate
Judge Death in Venice
and, of course, Bring Me the Dredd of Alfredo Garcia

Now, it's over to you. I'll be awarding points for the best answers - and we all know what points mean, right? Drokk all, that's what. Okay then, get on with it...

Mega-City Crescent!  Oh, sorry - wrong round ;-)

The Legendary Shark:
We'll have a go at Mornington Rad Pit later - if you're good...

McGruder vs. McGruder
Judge Death In Venice
Paint Your H-Wagon


--- Quote from: The Legendary Shark on 01 July, 2018, 07:43:32 PM ---Judge Death in Venice

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--- Quote from: Fungus on 01 July, 2018, 08:05:22 PM ---Judge Death In Venice

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Bzzzz - Repetition!

Oh wait, that's a different game


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