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Link Prime:
Heard of this? Me neither, but I just read that a collection of some beloved Oliver Twins games are going to be released on it;

It'll be a real nostalgic buzz playing some of those Dizzy games again, and I was impressed with the range of other cartridge collections also available.

Have just ordered the basic console pack for £60 on Amazon. Bargain.

I recently reviewed this for Stuff. The review will be in the next issue, but — spoiler — I did rather like it. The carts are a bit variable, mind. Personally, I thought the fighter ones were trash, because they were NES ports, but Atari #1 was pretty great, and the Namco #1 pack-in was solid. The big surprises were the Piko and Mega Cat collections though. Some really good new-old retro stuff on those.

Got this for my birthday earlier this month, it’s a really good piece of kit and the cartridges are very good value for money

Leigh S:
The Immortal is very tempting

All they need to do is Ikari Warriors and Rastan....although the Commodaore 64 version of the former appears to be different to most versions, including the original arcade, and much better for it IMO?

The Piko cart, if nothing else, offers solid value, with its 20 games. Top Racer is excellent. Many of the platform games are great. Exploding Fist is an oddball, though — a really bizarre take on the original.

As for Ikari Warriors and Rastan, I’d probably hold off to see if they can get the arcade carts up and running next year. Right now, they’d be likely to go for NES ports, which would net you an OK Ikari Warriors. Rastan: I guess they could do the SMS version, which is pretty good, if not as good as the original. Whatever anyone does, avoid the Technōs cart, because it’s bloody awful unless you’re a BIG fan of NES brawlers.

(And, yeah, the C64 take on Ikari Warriors was pretty great, albeit very different from the arcade version.)


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