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I designed a vinyl cover with 3d popup which could take place in Mega City ONE

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So, a friend of mine convinced me to design, illustrate and make the cover, and I went full cyberpunk dystopia, and well, I think it could be located in one of Mega City ONE's megaplexes' corridors:

The outside artwork:

The result:



(The popup)

This is a split 7inch between SEUM & FATIMA, they both cover each other's song.

SEUM is a guitarless trio from Montreal playing some dirty Doom'N'Bass:

FATIMA is a trio from Paris playing some grungy doom:

Everything was hand made and hand crafted, DIY! The vinyls are hand pressed using the Lathe cutting method.

Limited to 33 ex, and they are going fast! Contact SEUM if you want one!

If you like my artwork, you can check the links in my profile.

Those look gorgeous - and having just listened to the Bandcamp links it sounds good too. The postage from Montreal makes that a pretty pricey couple of songs though so I might have to settle for a digital edition sadly. Excellent work though.


Barrington Boots:
Loving this split musically. Fantastic work on the sleeve, deservedly sold out!

Thanks for the kind words!


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