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The Bissler:
Hi all,

Later on this year, I plan on making a series of videos showcasing the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game in action. I'd want to tailor this best deliver what the community here would find most interesting to watch, so it would be great to get your thoughts on which of the 4 formats I'm currently chewing over you think you'd enjoy watching most:

1. "Real Play" video - i.e. film the whole game using hand held or tripod mounted cameras with a god's eye view of the action, including a camera on the dice tray, uploading it with minimal editing. This version would be the most game-focussed of the formats I'm considering.

2. "Narrative Gameplay" video - following the Strontium Dog series template as already established on my channel where the action is photographed and captions and speech bubbles are added to the photographs to give that feel of the strip. In addition, there would be references to the mission objectives, characters involved as well as including pics of the dice rolls, basically so as to provide some context to what is happening with the game mechanics as well. In other words, roughly 50% narrative, 50% about the game.

For anyone who's unfamiliar, here's an episode of the SD series with Middenface in action:

3. "Narrative Only" video - much the same as "Narrative Gameplay" video, except all of the references to the game, including pics of dice rolls etc, are removed and it is presented simply as a story, much as it would be in the prog (with the miniatures pics doing the job of the art).

4. "Immersive Narrative" video -  Exactly the same as the "Narrative only" video (no game references) except there is a narrator reading out the captions and voice actors playing the different characters and some sound effects added for gunshots, vehicles etc. This would be the most challenging and time consuming way to do it and I'd need to find members of the community willing to spend say 30 mins a month recording their dialogue on Discord. My youtube channel is not monetised so I'd be looking for people like myself who would be up for it simply for the love of Dredd and 2000AD. This is some months away from me getting to work on this, so I don't want anyone to be disappointed if they thought this was something that they could get involved with in the next 2 or 3 months, I'd expect it to be after that.

So, which would be of most interest to you? You can either pick one from format 1, 2, 3 or 4, or if you would like to rank them in order of preference from most to least preferred, that would be even more helpful! Thanks all!

Trooper McFad:
Sounds a great idea.
Personally I’d like to see version 1 as I’m not gamer (just a painter) so it would be a good insight and possibly inspiration to cagoule my kids, who are both in their 20s to play along.

Good luck and I look forward to whatever you decide in doing.

The Bissler:
Cheers Trooper! That's actually the easiest option for me so that's definitely doable!

Leigh S:
Could you mix and match?

So show some of the action as almost a "how to" with all the rules, but then narrative up the most compelling bits where the narrative elements of the mechanics shine through? 

The Bissler:
Thanks Leigh, I feel that would fall under option 2, much in the same vein as Allan's SD reports, or is there something more in that format that you'd like to see tweaked? He does always show the dice rolls, cards played etc while trying to put as much emphasis as possible in replicating the feel of the strip and focussing on the storytelling.

Actually, if you're looking for a "How to" video and Trooper wants to show how his (grown up) kids how to play, then I could arrange to make a tutorial video first of all before making the reports.


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