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Only three stories in but I must say it's great so far. I used to really, really hate Garth Ennis when he took over Dredd, but my grud, he's a fine writer these days.

Weirdly meta approach to Kids Rule OK but it works very well, and Dredger is Billy Butcher all over again, in a good way.  Things are just as violent as they used to be but the bit of swearing and sexual references mean that this isn't for the age group the originals were aimed at.

Looking forward to the rest.

I found the Battle Action special to be an excellent comic. Any one whom loves War comics or where fans of the defunct Battle Action must get this. So yes, go and get this do not wait just do it.

My favorite story was Crazy Keller. I never ever read a story about this, but I really enjoyed this one. It has some great humor and very over-the-top violence, but the combination just worked wonderfully.

The Johnny Red was excellent as well but one thing that created a little confusion was the communication with the different pilots in the air. You have to keep your head to understand if it is either Falcons squad or the German pilots talking to each other. Keith Burns draws an excellent strip here.

Another excellent strip was the Nina Petrova strip. Great art by Patrick Goddard. This was just a great story nothing special but well executed. Great spin-off from the world of Johnny Red.

As with the Nina story the Hellman story was very entertaining and well told. I can remember that I never liked Mike Dorey’s art in the prog but here his art is great and works well with the strip.

Dredger was another off those over-the-top violent stories. John Higgins and Sally Hurst art combination worked wonders for the strip. This one felt very much like the classic stories of the 80s.

The Sarge strip was not bad, but it tried to almost tell the story more like a history lesson than a straight-out war story. PJ’s art as always is fantastic.

Now this is the one that just did not work for me and that is the Kids Rule Ok strip. I did not really like it even Kevin’s art did nothing for me. The story is more like a reflection on why Action failed. I wanted a story not a lecture.

A great addition to all the stories was the intro before the main story started. This was excellently done.

Now the last question how we do we get this on a more regular basis? Come on Rebellion lets get a monthly Battle Action, pretty please with some sugar on top.

Overall, 6 out of 7 story-wise. Percentage wise this will get a 91,99% excellence award

Some covers:

On order and hopefully awaiting me at my arrival at Huff Mansions tonight!

Leigh S:
No copy of this in SMmiths in Brum

are the copies in the wild ordered direct from Rebellion?


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