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45 Years of 2000AD: Anniversary Art Book


Well this arrived today, and I spent plenty of time looking through it. It's a nice, well put together volume. As explained in the recent Megazine feature, most of the artists are from outside the prog, but there are several droids too. There's an excellent image by Stewart Moore, which includes impressively detailed pictures of Wagner, Ezquerra, Pat Mills and Matt Smith, all surrounding Dredd. Other stand-outs for me were Staz Johnson on Rogue, Phil Noto on Anderson, Mike Perkins on Harry 20, and Mark Eastbrook's painting of Dante.

As well as work by 45 (I presume; I didn't count) artists, there are also the covers to progs 1 and 2270 (the 45th birthday issue).

I'd recommend this to anyone.

i gave this the once-over in Waterstone's the other day. It's quality work, but the price was daunting and the surface of my coffee table was sunk a long time ago beneath an ever-rising tide of good-looking books. No more, I'm afraid.

norton canes:
Yeah saw this in Travelling Man at the weekend - it's absolutely awesome but £30 is a bit steep for a fairly slim book. Although, Henry Flint's Durham Red is almost worth the price on its own...


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