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A bit of normie when it comes to comics. Looking for some alt comic suggestions.

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I have tried some of the classic cape stuff Marvel/DC, but I seem to really enjoy the sci-fi stuff more like Dredd/Anderson. I enjoyed Artifacts volume 1-3, Aphrodite IX. Mass Effect collection was just filler. The one cape story I did really get into was The Watchmen. Frank Miller Batman seems to resonate. I liked the Batman/Robin and the Dark Knight stuff.

Bablet’s Carbon & Silicon is a lovely thing if you’re into slightly more thoughtful sci-fi as well. I imagine Humanoids fans could give you pointers regarding what to buy from that imprint. Saga over at Image is exceptional and marries SF and fantasy in a manner few other titles can match (and can be found in three lovely hardcover collections if you like that format).

Colin YNWA:
There was a great Image series called Copperhead that I felt really had a 2000ad vibe to it. Alas that got 21 issues before grinding to a halt and to date hasn't had a conclusion. You can pick it up for bobbins though second hand. Black Science was pretty good too.

Cinebook have some super stuff. I'm a big fan of Leo's stuff, so Albebaran is great and so is Oribital.

Resident Alien by 2000ad alumni Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse has a really different tone and is superb.

There are of course a million other series I'd happily recommend but stuck to Sci-Fi for now and on a different day I'm sure I'd have landed on different ones even there.

if you do fancy some good capes stuff try Jeff Lemire's and Dean Ormstan's Black Hammer series of series. Its kinda pretty much all you need to get a complete story (well soon its almost done) in a superhero universe. Its fantastic.

I would definitely recommend Black Science from Image. It is a monstrous epic though and the hardbacks are now oop, so it'll require you collecting all 9 of the tpb to finish the story.
If you want something shorter to dip into try Nameless also from Image - it'll blow your mind ;)

I would check out the Image Comics range, as they have a great selection from The Walkind Dead, Kick Ass & Invincible to things Like Twig, Stray Dogs & Blood Stained Teeth or Boom!Studios with Angel/Buffy, Dune & Jim Henson based comics to Something is Killing the Children, Once & Future, Mouse Gaurd & Faithless


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