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Anyone else watched it?

I've seen the first 3 so far and am in two minds about it. 

I'm liking Tom Sturridge.  He's certainly got the look of Morpheus down.  When he relaxes and stops over-enunciating every word, he's pretty much spot on, which is no mean feat

There's something about the general tone of it that just feels a little too in awe of it's source material (like Synder's Watchmen), and there's an air that its extremely keen to emphasis how grown up it is by parachuting in the odd bit of tactical swearing.  It reminds me a little of "Angel" at times. 

It's following the order of the comics very closely (basically an episode per issue so far) which should in fairness mean that once it gets past the opening issues which were fairly traditional (hero embarks on quest to regain powers and show audience what his character is) and into the interesting stuff post "The Sound of Her Wings", it could really take off

The decision to set it in a non DC universe is a good one  (but then keeping Cain and Abel seemed fairly pointless for an audience not familiar with DC lore.).   

I hope it does well as it's obviously had a very large amount of money and love poured into it. 

Leigh S:
Only watched the first episode.

To declare my bias - I have only read a couple of random issues that I picked up for 10p in a Waterstones in 1990/91, so am not familir with the story.  I am familiar with Gaiman as a personality rther than a writer, and to be honest, I have a had to elucidate low burn dislike of him - I say this as a Tori Amos fan!

My problem with the first episode, ironically, is that it needed to be less pedestrian and more "dreamllike"?  The story feels like it needed a more fairy tale "feel" rather than a real world one?  The direction(?) seems to ground everything in the real world, but it clearly isnt any real world we know.  I feel it needed a more heightened reality vision to sell the concept? at the very least,  the stuff in the dream world and featuring dream world characters needed something to distinguish them as "not of this world" more?

Might watch the second episode, but so far, it feels like an exercise founded on them finding a guy who really fitted the main character lookwise and building from there without a clear "artistic" vision that might have sold this one on me.

As a counter point to this, let me just say, I thought it was great. (I’ve watched all of it). Casting decisions all seem. spot-on. I like the dip in to the wider scale of the comics in the first season that will probably play out over a few seasons (or, I dunno… season 7 if it gets that far).

I’ve read the entire run of sandman, though I came to it quite late (read a chunk of it about 15 years ago, but then last year read the entire run via library digital downloads) and overall I prefer the tv series.

Only up to Ep2. I’m on record as very much not being a fan of the original series, but I’m enjoying the TV series a lot.

Colin YNWA:
Not read the comics in years. Love them as a kid , but since returning to comics many moons ago never really felt like digging into them again. Though the curiousity to find out why that is has meant I've got close, of that makes sense. Anyway having watched the first episode of this I suspect I might know why.

It was so ponderous and comes across so self-satisfied I found it distant and unengaging. I'm going to give it to 'Hope in Hell' - well i hope - to see if it can catch alight, but I'm not optimistic after that one. It was fine, there is just too much out there to settle for fine for too long!


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