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This can be one off the most frustrating times to read the prog almost all of the stories either comes to end or on its final legs and we have a lot of fillers. This can be either be a good or a bad times. Currently I can almost taste the turkey, but I cannot eat it. This prog was not bad, but I cannot wait for something new something different.

Dredd – A good start to another Niemand scripted Dredd story. Niemand knows his Dredd, and this reads like classic Dredd to me. We have two ex-perps whom after spending time in the cubes for a cage fight lining up for a rematch. Dredd is waiting and ready to spoil the party.

Terror Tales – Another one of Tomlinson’s tales and so far, we had a real mix bag this one is alright but nothing special about it.

Enemy Earth – I am sitting in a cave and reading a story and I shout I HAVE READ THIS BEFORE and I hear a voice echoing my sentiment I HAVE READ THIS BEFORE, I Have Read This Before, I have read this before. This is how I feel about this story nothing new nothing different déjà vu: I have read it before.

Hope – We continue the misses’ side of the story this round she tries to take the reel back as the episode ends with a showdown. It is interesting to see where Adams are heading with the story. This one was not as grim as previous episodes, still enjoying it. Will have to read this in a collected format which I believe will read much better than the weekly incarnation.

Fiends – The Fiend is back but this is the first adventure into the old West. This is more a prologue or setup for a new arc. I enjoyed this and Warren Pleece pleasantly surprised me with his interpretation of Fiends. So, bring on the next arc next year.

Cover by Tom Foster:

Cover and Logo:

norton canes:
Yeah bit of an end-of-term feel already about this one, but the quality was pretty good - a Dredd every bit as readable and engaging as we've come to expect from its quizzically-monikered creator, a decent Terror Tale with a meta-ending of which Steven Moffatt would doubtlessly approve, Enemy Earth remaining relentlessly grim, Hope... continuing to weave its magic and Fiends era-hopping to another Pleece and time. I feel like all that's missing is a two-part Sinister Dexter of which the first episode is almost entirely a plot recap.

The cover's excellent but I would never have recognised it as Tom Foster.

I liked the Terror Tale far more than I usually like these things, and I like Nick Dyer’s art the more I see of it.
Particularly tickled by the booze labelled WNKRD.


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