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people my name is Boomy and i would probaly
haver the biggest collection out of most of the people
on this earth mainly because i have them all
yes you heard right i have them all
carefully documented and stored safley in my collection room.
My most prized is the rogue trooper special
he's my favourite character
got to go and keep on reading  Link: mmm i don't know

the point behind your post being?

are you saying your selling your huge collection (i don't want it by the way!) or are you simply blowing your own trumpet?

Agreed. You've used the classifieds category, which suggests you're trying to sell or buy, but your post sounded more like a challenge.

When you say all, I assume you mean all progs, megazines, specials and annuals....or do you also mean all 'Best of's, Classics, graphic novels, Eagle/Fleetway/Quality reprints, etc?

Can you find anything you have which isn't documented on this website (not including Lawman of the Future, and the DC Dredds), or something on the website which you don't have?

WakeLink: The Prog Zone (also leads to the Reprint Zone)

I can't get your link to work.
I have 2 copies of the RT Special- and it certainly isn't my prized possession- that would be my Judge Dredd and Judge Death candles!!!!

Reprints are last year's news, they're just like so pass?. Take "Classic Judge Dredd" into the toilet with me?? NO WAY! It's progs or nothing at all. "Quality" reprints are little traitors, whores for the reading class. I find the prog infinately more charming than the "Best of 2000AD".


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