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sale of 3-7, 8-29, or 31-100, realistic price/condition

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keith stanfield:
I am looking to sell the following 2000ad progs. I am honest about condition, and have attached asking prices UPFRONT. I am just a guy who needs to make space in his home, and not a dealer. If possible, you can view at my London home.I have checked completed sales on e-bay and have tried to ensure prices are realistic.

All my progs have the yellow ageing one would expect (some variance). I have written a note below of anything else that seems relevant to condition. There are NO terrible stains/water damage.

SALE ONE: progs 3-7: ?80

3 has considerable spine rips, but the original staples/cover still intact. INCLUSIVE of wallet gift: used, yet in very fine condition.
6 also has spine rips, staples intact
4, 5, 7 are in fine condition, only slight spine wear.

SALE TWO: progs 8-29: ?50

the flesh game back page (8-11) and the back page ad (18-20) are completely intact and not written on.

SALE THREE: progs 31-100 EXCLUDING 65, 68, 69, 71, 72, 74, 77, 92, 96-99, plus specials listed below: ?50

46-51 super nova game completely intact
75-80, Cursed earth game CUT OUT ie page missing
SUMMER SPECIAL SUPER COMIC, 1977 (poor condition/severe ageing/slight stain first few pages)
SC-FI SPECIAL, 1978 (some ageing, otherwise fine)
DAN-DARE POSTER MAGAZINE, 1977 (extremely poor condition, yet still interesting)

SPACE CALCULATOR GIFT, Star Lord Comic, 1978 (very fine)

I'm very interested in 'Sale 3'
Depending on my own finances I could be interested in 'Sales 2 & 1' aswell...

I am also interested in 'Sale 3'

keith stanfield:
Only Sale one and sale two still available. Get them while they are hot etc.

Thanks to Oddboy for buying Sale three (in person). Definately a true fan. He just might be coming back for more...

It was a pleasure, although sitting on the hot crowded tube in a long black leather coat clutching a huge bag of comics was a strange experience...


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