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Judge Death door poster

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I have a Judge Death door poster by Bolland (b+w) about 7 foot tall, scary stuff. My missus won't let me put it up, thinks it will scare my daughter or something (come on, she's nearly three now, she's gotta start some time). I've been offered twenty quid for it, any more bets?

e-bay ripper offer type thing

I've also got a Glenn Fabry 'Constantine leaning against a doorframe holding a bloody scalpel' poster taken from one of the Ennis/Dillon story arc covers.

Again the wife...etc

Looks like there are no more takers for the poster..

How about it then...20 quid???Link:


I'm just about to start packing to move house, so as soon as I found it i'll let you know. How about the Constantine one?


Just to make sure I know what I'm gettin.. could you email a pic to my website (link below) or post an image here on the board?

You can do the same for the constantine poster and I'll have a think about it..Link:

I was just looing at your posts, and noticed you had lost the Judge Dredd Board Game in London, and would like to replace it.

I have that board game and would trade it for the Death Door poster. How would you feel about that?Link:


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