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Best of 2000AD Special Edition


Figured I'd let y'all know... I'm selling a comic.

1999 reprint collection featuring: Strontium Dog/Judge Dredd cover by Greg Staples. "80 pages of classic thrill power"
Contents: JD/SD "Top Dog" (John Wagner/Colin MacNeil 29 colour pages)
Rogue Trooper "Origin"/"The Rookies" (Gerry Finley-Day/Dave Gibbons 15 b/w pages)
ABC Warriors "The Red Death" (Pat Mills/Mike McMahon 10 b/w pages)
Judge Dredd "La Placa Rifa" (John Wagner/Cam Kennedy 6 colour pages)
Nemisis "Terror Tube"/"Killer Watt" (Pat Mills/Kevin O'Neill 13 b/w pages)
Strontium Dog "Muties' Luck" (Alan Grant/Carlos Ezquerra 6 b/w pages)

If you'd like this then follow the link.
Link: Best of 2000AD Special Edition (P)1999

Buy it. It's dead good :D

(But not for me. I've got one...)

C'mon folks!

It's my first ever attempt to sell anything on eBay!  A bit of support would be nice!  If no one buys it then I'll be stuck with the 15p listing charge (which, while I could afford the 15p, would be just annoying).  I don't want to be disillusioned with eBay.

It's pretty darn good!  The MacNeil artwork is FAB!  The classic 'Comic Rock' Nemisis stories...

I need the Best of 2000AD 2000 edition.

Try changing Nemisis to Nemesis the Warlock in your description.

Also, try putting a space after all the creator and character names. Some time ago I discovered searches were overlooking my keywords if I had punctuation straight afterwards with no space.


Too late suckers!
No one bid for it.  Reckon I'll keep it anyway.  So Ner ner na ner ner to you all!


PS Buy my other stuff.Link: Once there was a way to get back homeward....


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