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TJM86's redundancy sale

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Hi folks, so it has happened this time.  Just what you need as the country is coming out of a global pandemic.  So much for being in a nice secure public sector job.  Hey ho.

Anyway, as a result, I'm looking to shift bits and pieces to lay up financial reserves for the long job hunt.

I'll be adding bits and pieces in as I sort through but starting off will be any of the Judge Dredd mega collection (up to issue 80).  At £5 each including p&p.

Also reluctantly parting with Colin Wilson Original Rogue Trooper artwork from prog 267, closing page.  I will sort out pic to go with this.  £750 plus insured postage.  Would be willing to arrange midpoint collection depending on distance travelled.

Will be adding various and sundry Tooth related items over coming days.

Thanks folks.

Sorry to hear about the job. You might want to check eBay’s sold prices for the Mega Collection. Some of those single volumes go for well north of a fiver. (If you want to offload in one go, 400 quid seems pretty standard, mind.)

Barrington Boots:
Sorry to hear this dude.

Also seconded about the mega collection prices. Postage may not be cheap on those either, they're heavy books.

Actually, that’s a good point: I’d not spotted that the £5 included P&P. Please don’t do that, Tjm86! Current second class small parcel rate is £3.20—or £3 online. That leaves you two quid per book, when some of those sell for 30 quid on eBay.

Thanks, fair point.  That said, there is a difference between listing and selling.  Not sure the two match up.  Will take the point about including p&p.  Another set I need to sort is the Cerebus GN collection.  One of those sets that seems to go up and down.  I know the last few books are a bugger to source.  If anyone is interested ...


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