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TJM86's redundancy sale

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Okay, so the ebay listing begins.  Wilson's Rogue Trooper page and a complete set of Tornado Comics including the Summer special, along with various Marvel Graphic Novels.

Wow, spicy starting price, but that really is a special bit of Wilson; very hangable.  OTOH if your Tornados go for £50 someone will be getting a great bargain - If I wasn't just as desperate for cash as yourself, I'd be going for those, I have none of those! Best of luck with this and everything, Tjm.

Colin YNWA:
Yeah was going to say those Tornados are in lovely looking condition. If I hadn't just commited an indecent amount to a Jeff Smith (of Bone fame) Kickstarter that's ending this paypacket I'd be all over those.

Okay, so Nelly the Elephant time (bumpety bump ...)

Thanks for the previous support folks.  I've finally got my act together a bit with the MC collection.  Decided to go with a bit of a thematic breakdown.  It's only the first 80 volumes.

Also found a couple of spare copies of Prog 2061 (2017 x-mas special), Prog 1961 PX special and the 40th Anniversary Aja variant.  Not listed as yet but its reminded me that I do have a stack of doubles circa prog 200 ish. 

I'm also mulling over the complete Warrior collection (with dummy issue 0 facsimile), complete Revolver and complete Crisis with signed copies of 1 and 2 ...  Just need to figure out a value.

I’d be interested in the complete run of Warrior, Tim. 👍


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