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TJM86's redundancy sale

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Yeah, there’s sometimes a big difference between — shall we say — ‘ambitious’ eBay sellers and reality. But you can easily filter any search term by sold items. The Mega Collection offers some results worth taking a look at to at least inform decisions that might secure you more cash for your efforts.


--- Quote from: Tjm86 on 12 May, 2021, 06:20:17 PM ---Another set I need to sort is the Cerebus GN collection.  One of those sets that seems to go up and down.  I know the last few books are a bugger to source.  If anyone is interested ...

--- End quote ---

If it'd been a month ago I'd have taken the last 1/3 of those off your hands, just grabbed them off ebay recently when I saw a fairly reasonable deal on them.

I’m interested in the Cerebus collection if it’s the full set...

It is.  Including the harder to source latter volumes.

Let’s chat. PM me? 👍


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