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Barrington Boots:
Any interest in any of the following?

2000ad TPB:
Indigo Prime: Anthropocalypse
Ten Seconders: The American Dream
Caballistics Inc- Going Undergound
Caballistics Inc - Creepshow

Non-200ad TPB:
Hack / Slash First Cut
Hack / Slash Death by Sequel
Die - Fantasy Heartbreaker
Die - Split the Party

Small Press / other stuff:
Tales of Westernoir Books 1 - 3
The 77 issues 1 - 3
Shift issues 1 - 3

These books have little resale value and I'd prefer to actively give these away to those who might enjoy them, so any / all of the above are free to fellow boardmembers if you want to collect them in person - I'm based between Worcester and Birmingham - or I can post them out to you at cost.

Possibly more to add to this list shortly.

Will PM

Colin YNWA:
Oh know I hope you didn't pick up Shift cos some loud mouth has been singing its praises here (ahem who could that be!). If anyone hasn't read it snap Barrington Boots hands off - they are fantastic - honest!

Barrington Boots:
Thankfully Colin I had already picked them up before your explosion of love for them so no blame attached!

Didn't really 'click' for me so happy to pass them on - some of the forthcoming stuff they'll be featuring looks interesting to I may go back to it.
Anyway, they are now spoken for, but if anyone would like those TPBs... I'm not sure my charity shop is ready for thrills of that magnitude.




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