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Hmm - least "feels like a Strontium Dog" story vs weakest "feels like a Strontium Dog" story....

Toss of a coin, so I am going to throw Galaxy Killers a much needed point here, if only becuse Sgt Kark seemed such a badass in the 1981(?) annual profile, which I had long before I ever read the strip itself

The Killing, for sure

Film & TV / Re: Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who.
« on: 03 August, 2021, 12:58:14 PM »
The problem with Richard E Grant is he did it in Scream of the Shalka and I found that it was.... erm... disappointing to say the least!

Prog / Re: Prog 2243 – Terror From The Deep
« on: 03 August, 2021, 10:25:10 AM »
Loved the "Technicality" gag in Dredd!  John Higgins not get the Mechanismo memo?
I  like the idea that Mechanismos are now so normalised they are just "Mek Judges" (if that hasnt been referenced before now!)

General / Re: Bolt-01 Cup - Best Strontium Dog - Resurrection Shuffle
« on: 02 August, 2021, 10:28:47 PM »

The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha - The Project
gets 1 point for trying, but really, not a fan of the way it strings out the resurrection.  That wouldnt be a problem if it commited to explaining/exploring it fully, but it seems to get cold feet. The ghosty in Johnny is surely meant to be the reason why Alpha wasnt killed - his body used to house some malevolant spirit - a resurrected Malak Brood would be the most obvious  - but it is despatched off handedly after being teased for so long - the focus shifts to the Second Mutant War, which feels totally unnecessary, distracting from the resurrection plotline and not adding anything to the post resurrection set up. 

Repo Men What we should have been getting on with - as DarkJimbo says, there was a hint of a new status quo, with the Stronts taking over the Rock - sadly swerved, but 2 points for having got past all the post resurrection repositioning of deckchairs

The Son can therefore claim the last 2 points for much the same reasons as Repo Men.

...The Shicklegruber Grab is nigh on peak Stront.  If they had dressed Johnny and Wulf up as German soldiers (and left the Gronk behind*!) I think it would be unassailably the most perfect encapsulation of the strip.

Sacrilege! One of my favourite-ever Stront visuals is the Gronk playing cards with Hitler.

ah yes, that was what the star was for - they could pick up the Gronk for the future section, but having him traipse along to Berlin is a bit much!

General / Re: Skip Tracer is strictly better than The Order
« on: 01 August, 2021, 07:14:45 PM »
For me the question hinges on the same specific question for both strips:

Do I care enough to follow what the characters are going through in the plot?

ST sets the entry bar as low as possiible in terms of "shaking off" readers with plot complexity.

The Order probably takes it too much for granted that people have bought in to the ride.

The fact that for me, ST fails even with the lower bar means that I'd give the Order the win in a straight head to head, as there is still more of a chance that it is me not the strip.

As others have said, The Shicklegruber Grab is nigh on peak Stront.  If they had dressed Johnny and Wulf up as German soldiers (and left the Gronk behind*!) I think it would be unassailably the most perfect encapsulation of the strip.

It's the Bolt-01 Cup  - how can it NOT be The Kid Knee Caper?

Film & TV / Re: Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who.
« on: 29 July, 2021, 06:36:35 PM »
Curiously it was only a few weeks back I went looking for a podcast or video supporting Dhibnall Era - Like Marshal Law hunting heroes, couldn't find any, but did find Jay Exci's excellent video that sums up my feelings almost perfectly


I do think Chibnall is the natural progression from RTD Era "head in the sand" M**g-M**g shaming. The problems in Chibnall Who are there in Chibnall's ealiest attempts to ape RTD - sodding CyberWoman!

We really need a non fan to take over - the questionis just how deep can Chibnall bury the corpse in the 10 episodes he has? The one bright hope is that the writer of Villa Diodati (sp) is named as a core writer for series 13

The Gronk Affair for me too - shame the Weerds get wiped out, but otherwise a little classic in a brilliant run of post Portrait stories.

I do wonder if Carlos hadnt been called to duty on Dredd, we would have seen The Killing. Moses and Outlaw a couple of years earlier - the 1983 annual Dog House feature hints at the return of the Stixes, so it as clear that Wagner and Grant had stuff planned out.

Mutie's Luck is exceptionally important in term so setting up future Strontinuity - Milton Keynes being perhaps our first link to the future UK set up.

Sorry Case is a wonderful showcase for Colin MacNeil - just like Town that Died of Shame, I still can;t see why the editorial didnt jump all over MacNeil when Carlos stepped back.  The story is great fun and doesn't out stay its welcome.... so this is a toouchy

I'm guessing Mutie's Luck will take this, so I am tactically voting for "Sorry Case", which I think is an overlooked gem.

Two flawed tales here.  Bitch is a bt too long and the REd/Alpha relationship is unhealthy in more ways than the writers intended.

The Ragnorak Job is also a bit too long and I'm not sure the Trolls and Goblins really fit in (or at least, they could if they'd ahve been given an explanation)

of the two.... it's closest yet, but The Ragnorak Job

Portrait - my first full Stront story in the prog and still one of the best stories in the prgo, let alone Stront itself

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