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Off Topic / learning a language
« on: 09 July, 2015, 01:59:57 PM »
Afternoon all - anyone here on Duolingo?  I'm attempting (not for the first time) to learn German before my next holiday to Berlin, Leipzig and similar places.

General / how to do a prog slog
« on: 22 May, 2015, 09:15:28 PM »
At some point before the end of this year I'm going to embark on a prog slog (or possibly a back prog slog), but as it means I'll be devoting quite a chunk of my time to it, I want to make sure I start out doing it right.  A quick study of the experiences of others (on here and elsewhere) suggests that I can expect to spend one year per 500 progs.  As there will be 2,000 progs by the time I'm a quarter way into it, that's quite a time commitment.  But I don't want to stop at just the progs - I want to re-read my Megs as well.  And my Starlords.  I don't have Tornado yet (except for one single, solitary issue) so that might present a problem.  And not leaving out the Sci-Fi and Mega-Specials, Annuals and Yearbooks.  By the time I'm up to the mid-eighties the next volume of the Daily Dredds should also be out as well.

But there's just a few questions I'm trying to resolve in my mind.  In what order should I actually read them?  Cover-to-cover as they came out, living the thrill-powered life of someone just a little older than I am?  Or starting at prog one and reading the storylines as they start?  Should I stop the weeklies every time an annual or special is released?  What do I do when I get to the nineties - do I read the weekly Progs and the monthly (and sometimes fortnightly) Megs in between?

Any ideas?  From others who have taken this journey, or who might be about to?  Speaking of which - how many others are there out there who have enough Progs and Megs to join me?

As I intimated earlier - this isn't something I'm about to start straight away.  Due to various house moves  my collection is mostly complete but pretty fragmented, so the first order of the day is to get the thing in order (and then replace those precious Progs which have gone missing in the last three-and-a-bit decades).  I seem to remember there was quite a disastrous distribution problem around the time that film came out which could cause problems too...

Events / crouch end cartoon art festival
« on: 09 May, 2015, 10:02:08 PM »
The second CECAF is coming up in about a month's time, and Roger Langridge shall be in attendance.  Attached to Earl Haig Hall is a pub which serves food and drink - anyone else interested?


News / Dan Dare collected, and new Bad Company
« on: 07 March, 2015, 01:43:33 PM »
From the Free Comic Book Day website:

Free Comic Book Day: Looking to the future of the book, is there anything you can tease about what's upcoming?

Keith Richardson: As well as many fantastic trade collections, including Dark Justice (where Judge Dredd battles his arch nemesis Judge Death) and Dan Dare – The 2000 AD Years Volume 01,  2000 AD is welcoming the return of Peter Milligan who is working on a brand new Bad Company story with Tank Girl artist, Rufus Dayglo.

Welcome to the board / Borag Thungg from Sheridan
« on: 17 August, 2013, 02:32:21 PM »
I'm not sure if I ever posted a welcome thread, but there are 38 pages of posts, so I'll have to take a risk that I didn't and do so now.
When I was young the woman / girl next door (possibly a teenager, but much older than I was at the time) gave me a small pile of progs. I was impressed with what I saw, and within a few weeks started buying the progs. To put this in context, the earliest of the ones given to me had the first episode of Skizz, and the first one I bought had both the last episode of Skizz and the first episode of Sláine. For some reason I couldn't find the next few progs, but I must have managed to track down a reliable newsagent by Prog 335.
It was a good time to get in to 2000AD, with Alan Moore producing some of his finest work. This also meant that later that year, during a period of illness, I had a familiar name to latch on to when my dad brought me a copy of Swamp Thing home from the newsagent.
Anyway, thirty years later I'm still getting the progs. I used to subscribe, but I also like to support my local comic shop - tricky decision to make...

Wiki / What happened to the wiki?
« on: 03 May, 2013, 04:22:46 AM »
I stumbled across the wikia 2000ad wiki and, seeing that it was rather scanty, added a few pages relating to this week's releases (from Rebelliion and IDW) - just stubs.  It was only after I'd done this that I discovered there seems to have been an abortive attempt at a wiki on 2000adonline, none of which is available (unless you're a beta tester?)  What happened to this?  I'd much rather work on a wiki that is built on data migrated from the 2000ad database than have to start from scratch...

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