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: It's Dredd, but...
: AlexF 20 October, 2020, 09:18:29 AM
So on the Niemand Tapes there's mention of the fact that Megatropolis is a rare example of doing an 'Elseworlds' Dredd strip. There was that one Dredd 'Alternity' Mega Special which is mainly memorable for Simon Jacob doing Dredd as a medieval knight on horseback (and Barnes 'n Hairsine on Dredd of Drokk Green is kinda fun). You can read these in the Restrcited Files 4, should you be intrigued.

But my memory is that right around the time the Megazine got going, there was something of a glut of strips that more or less took the idea of 'the best (and least corrupt) Cop in town' and plonked it down in a variety of settings, to varying degrees of success...

Dredd in Brit-Cit: Armitage
Dredd in Cal-Hab: MacBrayne
Dredd in Hondo City: Shimura/Inaba
Dredd in the Afterlife at the end times: Canon Fodder
Dredd as a sheep in Vegan Europe: Inspector Raam
Dredd in Eco-Hell New York: Trashman Trask

For my money, it's Trashman Trask who is the most Dreddlike, and I'm surely doing a disservice to the creators involved. But the way these characters were advertised, on the other hand...

Any more for any more?
: Re: It's Dredd, but...
: JayzusB.Christ 22 October, 2020, 04:03:51 PM
I'm not quite sure about MacBrayne - I mean he's a uniformed judge and he's hard, but he's also a cheerful and easygoing whisky-sponge.  Brit Cit Judge Armour is far more Dredd-like, but to be fair he's a Wagner and Grant creation and never had his own story (I think).

Red Razors is probably a bit closer to the mark.

: Re: It's Dredd, but...
: Funt Solo 22 October, 2020, 04:33:44 PM
Wynter is Dredd in Antarctica.
Brit-Cit Brute is Dredd as a Superhero.
Brigand Doom is Dredd as a poppers-sniffing zombie freedom fighter that's enigmatically alluring to numerically-monikered investigators in fashionable overcoats.
: Re: It's Dredd, but...
: WhizzBang 22 October, 2020, 04:38:03 PM
I haven't read any Armitage but from his cameo appearence in Dredd I had got the impression he was more Inspector Morse in Brit Cit rather than Dredd in Brit Cit. I am reading along with Space Spinner 2000 and think we will get to Armatage soon so I will find out for myself.
: Re: It's Dredd, but...
: AlexF 23 October, 2020, 09:28:56 AM
Yeah, Armitage is a real stretch. But when he was first advertised it felt like
'He's the hardest Cop in Brit Cit... it's Armitage!' But yes, Judge Armour is way more Dreddlike.

(On which note, Sadu from Hondo and dare I say it Rameses from Luxor are more openly Dredd-alikes in different city. Judge Joyce Senior, not so much!)