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News / Re: Christmas Prog line-up revealed
« on: 21 November, 2022, 08:22:44 AM »
               Joe Pineapples: Tin Man by Pat Mills, Simon Bisley & Clint Langley
Interesting. My understanding is that Bisley drew the first two episodes and Langley the rest. Does this mean they'll be publishing multiple episodes in one go, is that just the credits for the whole series?

Almost exactly what I was going to say (even down to "my understanding is that"...

Off Topic / Re: I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Prog
« on: 20 November, 2022, 03:21:57 PM »
Where do I stand? I'll tell you where I stand. I stand four-square for justice. I stand for discipline, good order and the rigid BZZT of the law - and Grud help any limp-wrist liberals who say any different.

"and Grud help any limp-BZZT liberals who say any different."

General / Re: 10 Greatest Judge Dredd Comics Of All Time?
« on: 16 November, 2022, 12:19:47 PM »
For some US fans/journalists who get it, War Rocket Ajax is a podcast that gives 2000AD and Dredd a lot of credit. And they have some cool favs on their top Every Story Ever list like the Wagner classics. They recently had the editor of Best of 2000AD stop by to talk about it on the show too.

Thanks for the heads-up - I'll have a look for it tonight.

Meanwhile (knowing it was a Flash reference) I had to look up what the internet had to say about war rocket Ajax in general, and found this on the wiki:
Quote from: FlashWiki
War Rocket Ajax is apparently the only spaceship in Ming the Merciless's entire navy. It performs tasks as mundane as collecting dead bodies and as prestigious as transporting Ming himself. As the only ship in the navy, it is equipped with massive shielding which is the only explanation for it being able to survive the full force of Mongo's defences while being piloted by Flash Gordon. Gordon successfully crashed Ming's wedding with Ajax and skewered Ming in the process of doing so.

General / Re: 10 Greatest Judge Dredd Comics Of All Time?
« on: 15 November, 2022, 03:05:53 PM »
Yes agreed, some of the IDW stuff was ok. As was the Rogue Trooper.
I really liked that interpretation of Rogue Trooper at the time. I thought the changes worked very nicely. It read well. That it was canned so quickly (before the first issue even landed) was very sad. Honestly, had Tharg somehow been able to chop it up into chunks, shove it into the Prog, and then continue that strip, I’d have been quite happy with that. (Obvs, I know Matt has historically been against reprint in the Prog and also crossing the streams. And who knows whether Ruckley would even want to continue the writing anyway?)

I think Ruckley was keen at the time - though that was as the writer of a stand-alone monthly.  Probably not so much as a weekly story in an anthology (though we have high profile writers who still contribute to tooth, so maybe I'm putting Ruckley down where I shouldn't).

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 13 November, 2022, 12:26:43 AM »
Keith Levene, 65, founding member of The Clash (also played guitars in Public Image Ltd).

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 13 November, 2022, 12:25:35 AM »
Mehran Karimi Nasseri, subject of the film The Terminal and resident of Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, for eighteen years.

Announcements / Re: Apocalypse War Dossier (novel) - released November 2022
« on: 13 November, 2022, 12:20:56 AM »
I've not carefully read BM/AW to analyse the timings, but aren't there at least a few sections of both stories that have general Dredd fighting montages, which could have lasted hours, days or weeks?

Off Topic / Re: This is the News!
« on: 11 November, 2022, 09:14:09 AM »
Well, I didn't know that - the guy's worse than I'd thought.  Who the feck is voting for these populist nutjobs?  I've been teaching Brazilians for years - they make up the majority of our students, for some reason - and I've only met one who admitted to liking Bolsonaro.  ('because he's honest' - translation 'because he's a self-serving bigot and so am I.')

Is it not the same as the most extreme right-wing USAians (of which there are many)?  i.e. the ones you see outside the country of origin are the ones who are a little more open to outside experiences.

General / Re: Catchphrases
« on: 08 November, 2022, 07:01:54 PM »

Insomuch as Dredd has a 'catchphrase', perhaps it's something like "HI-EX!" or "INCENDIARY!"

Um... something about being the Law or something?

I never thought "I am the law!" was an appropriate catchphrase for Dredd.  What is he declaring?  That he is enforcing the law?  That he is the embodiment of the law?  It sounds more like the kind of "I'm in charge" power-tripping remark that Cal would make.  "Do what I say, because me, I'm the law, and that's all there is to it.  What I say goes."

I do see how it fits in with the Judges being able to pass sentence as well as arrest people, but that capability's not unique to Dredd.  If Dredd said it as a plain statement, "I am the law (here and now, in this situation we're dealing with)", it would make more sense.  He is not the type to boast and swagger so emphatically referencing himself seems off.  "I am the law!  Do what I say, because what I say goes."

This has occurred to me as well.  It's a variant on hammering on the door and saying "this is the law" but adapted to the more solitary law enforcement of MC1 - sure they do sometimes go around in pairs, but compare real-life police and the judges and the judges are much more likely to go around on their own, just their lawmaster to speak to.

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 08 November, 2022, 06:30:18 PM »
Bill Treacher, 92, actor (Arthur Fowler from Eastenders).

Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« on: 08 November, 2022, 12:31:30 PM »
Away from the world of 2000AD, Leslie Phillips, 98, actor.

General / Kevin O'Neill 1953 - 2022
« on: 07 November, 2022, 03:35:12 PM »
Gosh! announcement of the death of Kevin O'Neill

General / Re: Mega City Book Club - a new podcast about 2000AD books
« on: 06 November, 2022, 11:53:52 AM »
Now, do I listen to it today or try to figure out where my copies are first?

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 05 November, 2022, 10:10:38 PM »
Very pleased to see you posting again, TJM.

Books & Comics / Re: The New Adventures of Pat Mills
« on: 04 November, 2022, 03:47:56 PM »
While we're re-assessing recent Mills works, I recently learned somwhere (think it was buried in the middle of 'Kiss My Axe, his memoir of writing Sláine), that Mills's original title for Greysuit was 'The Whistleblower'. All by itself, that makes me re-assess the entire series. Which I very much didn't enjoy, but mostly because I read it as a modern Brit Spy thriller that ended up actually being about a revenge tale against Upper Class Brit paedophiles. If I'd known the 'Whistleblowing' was the entire point, I reckon I'd've given it more of a chance.

I wonder if I'll remember to bear that in mind whenver my prog slog gets to those stories?

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