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Author Topic: Freebies and/or bargains  (Read 69920 times)


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Re: Freebies and/or bargains
« Reply #360 on: 07 April, 2021, 02:17:10 PM »
It's April which means it's Zombie season apparently.

Free on PS4 this month are Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

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Re: Freebies and/or bargains
« Reply #361 on: 07 April, 2021, 02:24:35 PM »
Ohhh I really want to get Talisman for the Switch as I loved the boardgame as a kid. If anyone plays this would love to know if its a good adaption.

It's better than good. It adapts all the fourth (most recent) expansions which - and I know from experience - take up more space than any table can handle, then has even more digital only expansions.

The DLC is regularly on sale at 80% off.

Oh that is good to hear. In Switch land I've got it on my watch list and I've only seen at 20% off (ish can't quite remember) but next time I see it I'll take the plunge anyway as I've been looking forward to playing it again and its great to see an endorsement - which it also seems to get online too.

I have it on PC, so you're talking Steam sale discounts.

One annoying thing is the way it randomises all dice rolls at the start of the game (it creates a table of a million or so numbers at the outset and then reads that). But it is fun. We play digital more than physical.
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