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Author Topic: Nick Percival or Bryan Talbot - Artists Ryder Cup Current vs Classic - Tie 18  (Read 404 times)


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I absolutely love Nick's take on the Dark Judges. But I can't deny the genius of Talbot's Nemesis.  It's a tough one but I think I'm going to give this one to Team Current:

Percival 3: Talbot 2

Colin YNWA

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Oddly quiet this one, but then the result was rarely in doubt. Again a case of much love for both artists but a very clear, steady move towards Bryan Talbot ran through the tie.

Significently however this one pulls Classic Team back into the lead of the tourney. After having their significent early lead being hauled back and then even beening briefly over taken its been a bit to and fro but the Classic Droids have clawed their way back up and find themselves on top - just. Can they build on this or can the Current Team catch their second wind get the momentum they had back?

Current Team 8.5 : Classic Team 9.5

Current Team 793 : Classic Team 887