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Author Topic: I have no time and I must stream: Boxset Binge Briefings  (Read 347 times)

The Enigmatic Dr X

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I have no time and I must stream: Boxset Binge Briefings
« on: 10 August, 2021, 10:48:15 PM »
Couldn't decide on a title, so went with two.

There's just too much choice on telly now. I thought we might apply the Hive Mind to decide what we should be watching. Goodness knows, Mrs X and I can't do it alone.

We've just finished Snowpiercer on Netflix. It's good. It's Sean Bean and Jennifer Connolly, crossed with 1984 and Animal Farm, but on a train.

Thinking about The Glitch. Anyone seen it?

And currently, by virtue of me getting a new work phone that gives a year of Apple, thoroughly enjoying Ted Lasso on Apple. It sounds duff fish out of water stuff - American college football coach manages a Premiership football team - but is oddly fun and a strange mix of the wholesome and the terribly sweary. We've watched 10 episodes in two days.

What's making your eyes square?

EDIT: I have forgotten entirely about the Boxset thread. Just ignore this!
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