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: Any PC tech types?
: Theblazeuk 02 December, 2014, 04:00:23 PM
Now that games like Alien ISO need 4gb minimum, the time has forced my hand to rejuvenate my ageing tower - but since the motherboard can only handle 4gb max and is DDR2, this rejuvenation will only bring it back to middle age.

I'm looking for 2x2gb of DDR2 RAM. Unfortunately I've never wrapped my head around bus rates and other such details. Would anyone be able to give me a few suggestions or tips on what to look for?

I'm hoping to keep the spend minimal as it's a plaster on a rig that needs more updates down the line; so far my best guess has been Novatech:

: Re: Any PC tech types?
: JohnMcF 02 December, 2014, 04:11:35 PM
Try crucial.com

You can enter make and model of computer to find suitable ram.
: Re: Any PC tech types?
: Theblazeuk 02 December, 2014, 04:19:21 PM
Cheers! I know what my motherboard can take though, I am just trying to narrow down my options. Is there any point spending £10 more for a faster transmission? What's the harm in getting the cheapest set (Novatech)? And so on.

If my motherboard wasn't capped out at 4gb it would be a much easier question... lots of 8gb or higher packages going for cheap today thanks to the yanks.