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Saint Dolly

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I stood in line in a vast Exhibition Centre earlier this week and got my first vaccination, which was the Moderna shot. The nurse there was very thorough in covering possible side effects and what to watch out for. A really impressive setup.

Anyway, I started to google Moderna when I got home and found that Dolly Parton funded its early research. So, as well as being a great singer, songwriter, performer, funder of literacy programs and all round extremely nice person, she has now saved thousands of lives. Round of applause for Dolly!

She is an absolute marvel of a human being, a genuine rags-to-riches-to-philanthropist.  And to think that all she was to me in the '70s and '80s was an endless series of boob jokes - and I was a Country fan!

I don't think you're alone there! I was amazed when I saw her documentary about her a few years ago. Her life story would seem utterly fantastical if it was fiction.

LOVE that woman’s bones, I do!
And she’s one hell of a great fingerpicking guitarist too - have a shufty at her playing “coat of many colours” solo on an acoustic. And I thoroughly recommend her album “The Grass Is Blue”, where she returned to her bluegrass roots.
A total saint, in my opinion.

I was dragged to a Dolly concert in Kilkenny a good few years ago, turned out to be one of the best gigs I was ever at!


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