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help and hello Fraston


2000AD Online:
Floyd Kermode here, the man who can't type his name properly.
 Hey, everytime I try to read a message I get Tharg's face and his long blue contents page thing over it.  I have to copy the message to somewhere else on my computer to read it.  This is a pain in the clacker.
  Fraston asked "how easy is it for a brit to survive speaking only english out there?" There being Japan.    Strictly speaking I wouldn't know, since I'm Australian, not British (my reading tastes are anglophile; Private Eye, the Spectator, Guardian Weekly, London Review of Books, 2000 AD and Megazine).  But, as long as you've got a degree of any kind and don't mind teaching English, it's a breeze!  There's a roughly three month period of getting used to things and after that you can stay here for eternity not speaking any Japanese.


ps I haven't seen the potato thing!  I've only got prog 1266

Try it again now. I think I've sorted it. Netscape didn't like both the old message window and the new one having the same name.



well g'day mate!
most yanks i meet think I'M australian so hey....
as the saying goes "u are what u eat" i'd extend that to "u are what u READ" so that makes me...uh....hmmm.....not a lot by the looks of things...

i was mainly interested cos of the comics thing in japan. I can work pretty much anywhere with an internet connection so the prospect of travelling and spending time in other countries appeals, providing i can survive speaking da lingo i wuz born with. just watched some housey housey show on tv and saw some WICKED houses in florida. makes me wanna uproot and bugger off to the states right this minute.

but then we'd have the language barrier again:)

Fraston, lord of the glen


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