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Looking for particular artwork


Can anyone recall the image showing Dredd standing in front of a punk who was on his knees chained in front of him (cliff robinson paid homage to this on the Megazine volume 3 issue 68 cover)

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Sure can.

It was by Brian Bolland. It was his original cover for the first ever issue of the Eagle (not the UK eagle comic) Comics reprint of Dredd for the American market.
It has the words "Judge Dredd. He is the law and you'd better believe it!" printed on the cover.

It was published in November 1983.
The reprints went on for many years in various formats. They stopped before DC started printing their own unsuccessful Dredd titles.


thanks a lot matey - any idea how i can get a copy or digital image??

Thread Zero:

I can email you the picture. My mother has a scanner. I will use hers, scan it in, email it to my address and then email it to you as an attachment!

Hope that made sense. Email me at

Comic shops or collectors might have a copy. Although it might be hard to find.

You can advertise for it also in Comics International.

Scojo - who wants someone to buy him a scanner for xmas.


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