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No, not that (the bastards would only try to tax nature)...but, GHOSTWATCH!! This coming halloween got me thinking about 9 yrs ago when BBC2 screened the coolest and most terrifying british programme ever! Anyone remember it? Michael Parkinson, Sarah Green, Craig Charles...a mock documentary that played itself very real until the credits, and left sensitive people and the right-wing press up in arms and everyone else entertained beyond belief! It's currently held up in the BBC archives never to be shown again. There's a movement supporting the video or DVD release going on at the mo. Check the link if u feel the same as me!

Let's make halloween scary again...cos this propaganda war isn't quite doing it for me...Link: Ghostwatch group

mark xiii:
Hell yes! I was thinking about that show a few weeks ago - I couldnt remember the title, but that soooo should be shown again!

Mark_xiii (The scary, evil, demonic bloke in the corner)

I got a copy off this guy on ebay. The quality wasn't that bad but Ghostwatch on DVD would be amazing!! It could have loads of info about the bad reaction to it at the time, etc. I heard it was blamed for causing a suicide...

Have a look on ebay if you wanna check it out. I'm planning on having a party this halloween - sod the crappy halloween movies, I'll be showing Ghostwatch!! :)


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