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Can anyone tell me who the following droids are:

Cyb-Aud (office assistant?)
Jon Davidge
Kid Robinson

I have images for them but I don't know if they are in the database or not.



Thread Zero:
I think I can help Wake.

Cyb-Aud: She was an admin assistant, dealing with prizes etc. Don't know her real name.

Jon Davidge: He was at one time, Managing Director of Fleetway Publications. Says it on the inside back cover of Judgement on Gotham. As well as some annuals I think.

Kid Robinson: He was a letterer. I think his name was Gordon Robinson or that may have been his father. But Kid was definitely a letterer.

Mac-2: Alan Mckensie, writer of Summer Magic and Kelly's Eye, Bradley and brief editor of 2k.

Marshall-Art: Paul Marshall, artist. Artist on Firekind (I think that was the title) and Dredd story "Darkside."

May-Kanix: Name was Steve May. He occasionally wrote articles on computer and video games for 2K.

Roxilla: Don't know her real name but she was a P.A. She also wrote a music section for the comic.


>Can anyone tell me who the following droids are:

>Cyb-Aud (office assistant?)

Dunno.  Probably an office assistant called Audra from back in the Fleetway days.

>Jon Davidge

Jon Davidge was a former managing director of Fleetway.

>Kid Robinson

Maybe a typo?  Could be the letterer Gordon Robson.  He was sometimes credited as 'Kid Robson'.


That was definitely the well-respected Alan Mackenzie, Mac-1 being Steve MacManus.


No idea.  Art droid Paul Marshall?


No idea.


The droid that used to do the (mostly pointless) record reviews?  That would be man of many parts (and names) Alan Mackenzie again.

Thread Zero:
Oh by the way,

Roxilla did exist.

On the back of some 2k covers and inside, there were ads for 2k t-shirts.

She was wearing them.

And very nice she looked too, if you catch my drift!

Now, who wants chicken BREASTS tonight?

scojo getting flushed

Thanks to both of you for the prompt replies.




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