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80s / 90s TV Horror Anthology

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Probably not The Outer Limits. That was always science fictiony.


--- Quote from: radiator on 02 April, 2019, 05:12:37 PM ---Maybe an episode from the 90s run of The Outer Limits?

--- End quote ---

Definitely not.

Link Prime:
Don't let me down lads!

Link Prime:
2.5 Years later, the mystery was solved with some assistance from a fellow horror nerd who nailed it instantly;

It was an episode of the 80's Alfred Hitchcock Presents called "Twisted Sisters".

Next question; where can I find a PAL / Region 2 copy of this on DVD without having to resort to selling some Cam Kennedy original artwork?

Will also accept PM details of internet links to an English version (could only find it in Spanish so far).  :thumbsup:


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