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I broke my lovely Mean Machine as drawn by Jock coffee cup this morning.  I regret nothing, because just keeping it around in perfect condition would give me the creeps and I've had years and years of drinking my coffee and thinking' hey, this is cool, I have a Jock Mean Machine cup!'
But I'd love a new one. 
Does anyone know if they still make/sell them? Any advice?
  I've looked here and on ebay.

yours cup-cravingly,


Is this one any use?

EDIT - though it does seem to be a Kev Walker Mean Machine, not a Jock one.  You could always get one printed yourself here (which is where I got some Dredd plates printed for a forum Advent Calendar competition.

That's not the same, but it's very nice.  Thank you.
  I will treasure my remaining Jock cups and check out some of the options suggested here.  You're all fabulous.

Have PMd you Judgefloyd.


Rara Avis:
Nothing last forever but I kinda hoped this might.

My housemate dropped my mug that I got with the Ultimate Collection ...


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