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all day, every day.

Yes BPP - but which one??

Yep, each Koburn strip is always a fun time, Dark Judges decidely NOT fun, and although there's a place for chilling horror, it only manages ot be that sometimes, rather than consistently. The Torture Garden was excellent, the others a bit more like watching a mid-level Alien sequel.

Cursed Earth Koburn, yo.

It's a meeting of mid-table mediocrities here for me. There are nuggets of greatness in both, but mostly they grind along through their premises and don't leave me with much except that I'm glad mullets are out and glad that Rennie & Quitely had a chance to prove themselves.

I suppose on the grounds that Freaks basically got worse at it went on (Faces is... not great), and Missionary Man largely got better, I'll vote for Missionary Man.

You're mixing up 'Team' with 'Arena' there I think - It's Mean Arena wot took up 3 issues of Extreme Editions and 2 volumes of Hachette.

But yes, even as a staunch Mean Team voter I understand that it's a shame for Firekind to get booted off. Not changing my vote though!

having now read the latest Regened they might as well give up on Cadet Dredd and just have a recurring story set in the Alien Zoo, with Judges only an occasional presence.

Funnily enough, my fondness for Stickleback is almost entirely down to the bizarre design of the main charcater. And also the way D'Israeli draws the cobbled streets and tiled roofs of Olde Londone. The plot is an annoying distraction from this loveliness.

what you need to do is make everything younger, higher-pitched, generally whinier, squeakier, more polite and with softer edges

So what you mean is, Cadet Dredd needs to fight Cadet Roffman?

Got a lot of love for Banzai Battalion, but even more for 13. All-time great one-off story with plenty of mad ideas. Looks like this will be a bit of a tussle.

"better than Beyond Zero" is now my favourite quality benchmark.
It's a fair shot at being the most middling thrill of all time! (This may not be how you intended it...)

Yup, happy to keep Dredd but I think not only change the tone but also stick to him being a younger cadet - like under 11. And frankly, more in-Academy stories with classroom shenhaigans, and less mucking about with criminal sin the outside world. It's a side of Dreddworld we rarely ever see, and I think leaning into the brainwashing techniques that must go on could be super interesting.

If you mean 'Why don't kids in the UK read newsagent-style comics any more in the big numbers they used to do in the 502/60s/70s', I think the answer is a relatively simple combination of a) too expensive (to make and print and then sell) and b) they can't compete with TV/YouTube

BUT I actually think that overall as many kids read some kind of comics today as ever did - it's just that these kids are older than before and tend to read the ones that look more like books, whether that's Manga or Dogman or Raina Telgemaier and the like. I don't have hard evidence for this but my experince in bookshops is that the comics section, for both adults and children, keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have seen hard (Nielsen) stats to show that Manga sales have gone mental in the last 2-3 years, matching the same explosions as in 2002-2005ish.

Don't like Helltrekkers.
Quite like Stickleback.

I think it does come down to some specific stories here.
I only came to the StarLord Ro-Busters as an adult, and it is, for the most part, VERY childish.
But I did read some 2000AD Ro-Busters as a youth and boy do I love 'the Fall & Rise' storyline, and of course shed some tears when Charlie does his thing.

Do I love these things more than (most of) the original Mek-nificent Seven? Or the Black Hole? Or Khronikles of Khaos? Do the delights of Gibbons, McMahon, O'Neill and Dorey outweigh the amazing paints of Kev Walker or whatever it is that Clint Langley does when he's creating those insane future cities with giant cranes of death and robot lunatic asylums from hell?

How to compare the humming menace of Dr Feely-Good with the insanity of Terri the human who thinks she's a machine?

I guess there's more heart in Ro-Busters, but more ideas in ABCs...
I'm an ideas man, it seems.

ABC Warriors

Look, I get that Firekind is totally beautiful and unlike any other 2000AD strip, and it's a fun world to dip into.
But the nostalgia goggles are firmly on for Mean Team Book I and 7 year-old AlexF, and it's gonna take a lot to cut through the gonzo charm of death sports, telepathic panthers, booby traps and Belardinelli delivering the goods.

Mean Team! Mean Team! Mean Team!

General / Re: Prog 2 Price
« on: 28 June, 2022, 11:12:59 AM »
If this sale is described as a "CGC 6.5" does that mean it's one of those comics where someone has encased it in amber so no one can ever open and read it without instantly devaluing the whole thing?
I find that part of the comics collector world mystifying - but it does seem to make comics sell for ludicrous numbers of dollars.

Although if it means people in the Year 30,000 can extract the DNA of the comic to clone it for a murderous theme park it's worth it.

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